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Yengo National Park, NSW, Australia

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Yengo Country
Yengo National Park

World Heritage Listed Yengo National Park is one of 8 conservation parks within the the Greater Blue Moutains and
 is World Heritage listed for it's geographic, botanic and cultural significance.
Yengo National Park has over 90 eucalypt species and the highest plant diversity of all the greater Blue Mountains wilderness areas.

Mount Yengo is a table top Mountain and the most distinctive mountain in the Park can be seen far and wide not just from within Yengo NP.

Mount Yengo, Uluru of the East is of the Highest Spiritual significance for the Indiginous People of South East Australia
and is just as important to the Indiginous people of South East Australia as Uluru is to Indiginous people of Central Australia.

Baiame is the ancestral being, (Sky Father), (Sky Hero), (The Creator)

In the Dreamtime stories of the Darkiñung the traditonal owners and their neighbours the Wonnarua, Awabakal, Eora, Worimi and Wiradjuri people
to name a few tell of how Baiame came down from the sky to create all the Rivers, Plants, Mountains, Animals, Caves, and Laws of Life.
After Baiame finished his creation he jumped back into the sky from Mount Yengo Flattening the top of the mountain as seen today.

Traditional owners of Yengo National Park are the Darkiñung and to the north the Wonnarua People.

There are many variations in the spelling for the Darkiñung using English characters.
Darkinyung is one which is used rather than Darkiñung for some. Other examples are Darginyung, Darginjang, Darkinjang, Darkinoong and Darkinjung.
Some spelling variations for the Wonnarua are Wannerawa and Wannungine.

Aboriginal people from all over South East Australia would travel to Yengo National Park for ceromony and cultural reasons.

NSW, Australia
Some engravings will only be seen early morning or late afternoon when the sun is down low.
Magic hour for Burragurra
Just before sunrise, Yengo Country
Yengo National Park
Yengo Sunset
Yengo National Park
Yengo National Park
Yengo National Park
Aboriginal Cave Paintings Yengo National Park
Yengo National Park
Almost walked past this cave. At first glance from only about 30 metres away I didn't even think there was a cave there due to a large rock
at the frontconcealing the cave and it's hidden art work.What caught my eye in this cave is the painting of an insect looking creature with
a tenticle that reaches all the way over into the head of the human figure on the other side of the cave.
In this cave there are are a few human looking figues, hand stencils and a lot more that is too faded to make out.
Aboriginal Cave Paintings Australia
Yengo National Park, NSW Cave Paintings
Yengo National Park
Aboriginal Engravings
Yengo NP Engravings


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